Easy craft ideas for a spooktastic Halloween

Posted by admin on October 30, 2017

We’ve been warming up for Halloween at William’s Den with some creative and spooky activities which went down a storm with our budding witches and wizards.
They turned their footprints into Frankenstein’s face and made monster potions and sinister slime – all good messy and imaginative fun!
They’re easy for you to make at home…. follow our instructions and share in William’s Den’s ghoulishly good Halloween entertainment.

Frankenstein’s Face

You need:

  • Green paint, black paint
  • Googly eyes, felt-tips

Dip your little monster’s foot into green paint in a tray. Ask them to put their foot down onto paper a couple of times to get rid of the excess, then the third print onto paper should be just right. When it’s dry, the decorating can begin!
You can let your imagination run riot from here…. We painted round the toe-prints with black paint, for Frankenstein’s hair, and painted a bolt coming out of either side of his “head”. Add as many scars and warts as you like – and finish with the scary, googly eyes.

WD Frankensteins Feet_smaller.jpg

Spooky Slime

This method is a safe and simple enough for the kids to make themselves. They’ll love the pouring, mixing and kneading – and being in control of the slime’s colour.
You need:

  • One cup of ground bones (cornflour) (or multiples of this)
  • Half a cup of monster dribble (water) (or multiples of this)
  • To colour: Frankenstein’s Snot (green); pumpkin juice (orange); spiders’ blood (red)

Slime pic 1.jpg

Pour the ground bones into a bowl. Add the monster dribble. Mix together with your hands.

WD slime mixing.jpg

Add the scary colouring drop by drop until it’s a deep enough shade, mixing with your hands again until it’s the right consistency for horrible, slimy fun!   

WD slime magic.jpg

Scary Monster Potion

As William’s Den was being built, we discovered in an old barn a battered notebook which had belonged to Professor Spookenstein, creator of all the monsters in the world. It contains his recipe for creating monsters, which young visitors to William’s Den have helped us recreate step by step.
You can set the scene with labelled ingredients in cups or plastic glasses, then follow the recipe together:

WD Halloween potions.jpg

  • Dribble of Frankenstein (lemonade): 1 cup, added while saying a special spell
  • Dracula’s pee pee (orange juice): 3 spoonfuls, stirred 5x, anti-clockwise
  • Monster blood (blackcurrant juice): 1 ½ spoonfuls, added with a fierce growl
  • Snot of witch (water with green food colouring): 1 spoonful, stirred 3x, clockwise 
  • Tear of monster (water in a very small glass): one or two drops while recounting a potions spell
  • Eye of Mike Wazowski (gummy sweet, added with a scary howl, stirred 8x, anti-clockwise)

Once the instructions have been followed, invite the witches and wizards to taste their potion and see whether they, too, turn into little monsters!








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